Joe Chips

Joe Chips are all natural kettle cooked potato chips available in cases of 28 bags of 2oz chips and 12 bags of 5oz chips. Their slogan is “the Crunchiest and the Gnarliest”

Tate's Bake Shop Cookies

Deeply delicious craft baked cookies from Tate’s Bake Shop. Our uniquely thin, buttery, crispy cookies are perfect to enjoy and share with friends.

Chocolove Chocolate

Chocolove makes premium chocolate bars. We buy premium Belgian chocolate and follow the classic European traditions of making chocolate in the mountains. Crisp, cool, dry air is one of many secret ingredients that we use to make the best chocolate. Chocolove is made in over 20 flavors ranging from high cocoa content dark chocolate like Extreme Dark 88% to our decadent milk chocolate with toffee and almonds.


Number 9
Tortilla Strips

We developed Number 9 Tortilla Strips to be the best whole-grain and veggie chips you’ve ever tasted. Our process delivers a rich, well-rounded flavor with honest-to-goodness crunch.


Kakosi finds the finest organic cacao products from the farmers and makes them available to our customers at reasonable prices.  Ethically & sustainably sourcing the beans not only strengthens our business, but our customers’ sales as well. 


Number 9 Salsa

Each variety of Number 9 salsa is made with at least 9 varieties of veggies & 4-5 varieties of peppers to develop a rich, well rounded flavor that is complex & satisfying.  Available in 4 delicious varieties:  mild, medium, hot, black bean & corn.



The Stroopwafel is a popular snack in the Netherlands that is a sweet cookie treat made of 2 thin waffles fused with a caramel filling in the middle.  They are organic, gluten-free and non-GMO.  Available n original caramel and French vanilla.


Eat Your Coffee Bars

Every bar is caffeinated with 1 cup of coffee.  These are energizing snacks to get through the between-meal slumps.  So don’t stop sipping—just get snacking with Eat Your Coffee!

Nugo Bars

NuGo Nutrition Bars come in many varieties including gluten-free, Pro-Max high protein bars, and NuGo Dark covered in decadent dark chocolate.  There are many reasons to choose  NuGo bars!

Nuts Over Fish

Nuts Over Fish topping is insanely delicious on any fish – but also compliments chicken and vegetables!  Simply press the topping onto the surface of your food item (fish, chicken, etc) spray lightly with oil, squeeze a wedge of lemon and bake or grill as usual.


Gutsey Bars

New England themed protein bars that have quality ingredients in every bite. A selection of gluten free, non-GMO, vegan and paleo friendly bars.  You will want to try them all!

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

This delightful line of Nut-free products is so tasty, those with nut allergies will not feel they are missing out on anything. The dark chocolate covered pretzels are a favorite of Bayside’s  owners!



Rhode Island Rocks

An irresistible chocolate candy made from an old family recipe that contains pretzels, raisins, peanuts and chocolate.  It’s made in RI and comes in dark and milk chocolate varieties.  What’s not to like?

Reed's Ginger Chews

Reed’s brings you this treasured treat from Indonesia that is made naturally from a popular recipe generations old.  Chews come in a resealable box & are individually wrapped with edible rice paper.


PopCorners deliver the unbelievable taste of fresh popcorn in a unique chip that’s perfect for snacks and dips. Available in 1 oz bags in multiple varieties.  Loved by adults & kids alike!

Twin Oaks Sauces

Twin Oaks Restaurant in Cranston, RI has been feeding families & friends since 1933.  It started as a speakeasy during the prohibition era & is now the largest independent operation in RI.  Their marinara and spaghetti sauces are available to purchase in cases of 12/24 oz jars.

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