Test Page for Ultimate Product Catalogue

This page includes shortcode tests for the Plug-in.
Here are the details associated with the category structure:
Category IDs:
Beverage (ID:3 )
Food (ID:2 )
SubCategory IDs:
Shelf-Stable Beverage( ID: 1 )
Refrigerated Beverage( ID: 2 )
Snack( ID: 3 )
Frozen Food( ID: 4 )
Refrigerated Food( ID: 5 )

Variable:  ‘category 2’

[product-catalogue id='2' category="2"]

2) Variable:  ‘subcategory 2’

[product-catalogue id='2' subcategory="2"]

3) Variable:  ‘category id’

[product-catalogue id='2' category id="2"]

4) Variable:  ‘subcategory id’

[product-catalogue id='2' subcategory id="2"]

5) Variable:  ‘subcategory id’

no shortcode entered

6) Variable:  ‘subcategory id’

no shortcode entered

7) Variable:  ‘subcategory_id’

[product-catalogue id='2' subcategory_id=’2′]

8) Variable:  ‘subcategory id’

no shortcode entered

[su_highlight background=”#ffffff” color=”#00246d”]Category Hierarchy[/su_highlight]



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